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The Hallow's HALO and Amino Acid Shampoo

The Hallow's HALO and Amino Acid Shampoo
Item# hallow39s-halo-shamp
Size:  Amino Acid Size:  This item has been discontinued!

Product Description

For porous and damaged hair. Controls volume. Contains 10 times more APPT than Amino Acid Shampoo which create luxurious and sophisticated hair with bejeweled shine and smoothness. Does not damage hair while shampooing. Helps to balance pH level for hair and skin, leaving them satiny smooth and refreshed. Clear shampoo with white blossom fragrance For the best result, please shampoo twice

Amino Acid Shampoo For hair that need volume. Strawberry smell but will not stay. Tightens cuticle and gently washes hair.

Helps detangled hair when washed twice by strengthening every strands of hair. Can be used with children's hair!

It gently washes without damaging hair but the fine foam cleanse pore and even the wax and oil on the hair.

Since its mild and contains protein, its better to wash your hair everyday.

Made and imported from Japan