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Soak 3oz

Soak 3oz
Item# Soak-3oz

Product Description

Aquae is a “purely elemental” scent that’s like a breath of fresh sea air, this crisp, refreshing scent will make you think of white cotton sheets snapping in the salty breeze.

Celebration is sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious, this perennial favorite smells like good, clean, fun.

Lacey is a material girl, soft and sweet. Pretty, gentle and totally sweet, Lacey is perfect for luxe fabrics and fabulous frills. This modern scent combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.

Scentless, for your sensitive side.

Perfect for knitters, quilters and fashion lovers alike, the gentle, no-rinse formulation makes keeps your clothes and crafts soft and looking their best. Laundry day has never smelled better!